This is an AirDrop-like application running on Node.js. Being an Electron app, it works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. When the application is first launched, a public and private RSA key pair are generated for the user. The application then regularly scans the network to see if any other devices are running X:/LANDrop. If they are, then their device is shown, and the user can ask the other user for permission to send files. The other user is notified, and can accept or reject the request. They can also block whoever sent the request to avoid any potential notification spam. If the other user accepts the request, then the user who asked for permission can select any files they wish to send. The files are encrypted with AES-256-CTR using a random IV and a random key. The key is then encrypted using the other user's public key. The file is then sent, and the other user's application downloads it and decrypts it by using their private key to obtain the AES key, and then using that key to decrypt the file. The file is then saved to the user's "Downloads" folder. The image above shows the application's main page.