A-Level Computer Science Project

For our A-Level computer science project, we were tasked with creating a system for a client that would be used to solve a problem of theirs. This could be anything from a software that would keep track of what a store has in stock or any other piece of software that could be used to solve a real and existing problem. There were no restrictions on what programming language could be used, but a UI was required as the software had to be easy to utilize. I chose to create a website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the front-end with PHP on the back-end and a MySQL database to store relevant information. At the time, I created themes for mobile devices and people who used my themes required a way to both contact me and request additional content for said themes. My website would expedite the process and solve a problem that my clients and I had. The 180+ page PDF file linked below goes through the entire process of creating the website and includes any and all information relevant to this project. Openning the link below will take you to the PDF file that is hosted on Google Drive.