Income Tracker

Income Tracker is a simple and stylish way to keep track of your income. This was primarily designed as a way to track "beer money" income, which is basically just a small amount of money you make on the side working online. How does it work? Income Tracker has a built-in ability to read and parse your Amazon Mechanical Turk income if the data is exported from MTurk Suite, and it also has a section for adding, editing, and removing transactions. These transactions could be anything, such as a survey you completed and got $1 for, or maybe you got $50 for your birthday. Both your MTurk data and transaction list are used to generate a report that indicates your overall income, and also features a chart of your performance during the current month. How do I use it? Since this wasn't really made to be used by the general public, you'll need to install Node.js and make any required adjustments yourself (changing the Purse.IO percentage, changing the £ symbol to $, and removing code that converts USD to GBP). The image above shows the application's main page.