Art Website

The main page of the website consists of a clean and modern background that simulates a showroom. To the left, one of my dad's sculptures can be seen. On the top left, his name and occupation are shown. The rest of the website is accessible through the menu button on the top right of the screen. Clicking on the "hamburger" style menu icon pushes the body of the website to the left and reveals a menu. This menu is divided into three subsections. The first subsection contains three collections containing some of my dad's best work, and a "Gallery" section, which consists of a mix of his works. The next subsection is dubbed "The Artist", and it features his statement as well as a list of exhibitions he's been featured in. The final subsection is called "Account", and it allows him to log into the website to add content. Clicking on one of the collections opens up three of the collection's best works. Above the image, the work's title can be seen, and below the image, its size and material. The image above shows the "Gallery" section of the website. When logged in, images can be added along with details such as the sculpture's name, material, size, and any relevant links. This is possible through a PHP back-end that saves these details in a configuration file as a JSON array, and can then serve said array like an API would. The website features a mobile version as well. The image above shows the login pane on mobile. Every part of the website adjusts to the user's screen size, reducing the number of images each row has, resizing elements to fit the screen etc. The collection section on mobile includes a backward and forward button to allow the user to cycle through images. While this was quite a simple website to develop, it was one of my first experiences having to meet a client's requirements and getting paid for my work. It provided a lot of valuable experience as I was able to see how clients request features and revisions. Since the website was made for an artist, I was also able to see just how different a website's style can be based on its target audience. You can view the website yourself using the "View" button below.