Khodadad (Adrian) Nouchin I'm a web, app, and software developer who is adept at HTML and CSS as well as programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, C#, Dart, and some Java. I have been developing websites and software almost daily since the start of 2017 resulting in approximately 3+ years of programming experience. This entails front-end development with HTML and CSS along with JavaScript (and jQuery), as well as back-end development with PHP and Node.js. I can set up and maintain databases using SQL as well. I also have a background in graphic design, allowing me to design custom icons and graphics that could be used in software or websites I create.
Skills ► Develop and maintain responsive and SEO focused websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including jQuery). ► Develop websites' and web-apps' backends using Node.js and PHP. ► Set up, modify and maintain SQL databases. ► Use version control systems like Git to work on and manage small to larger scale projects. ► Set up a network and web server while ensuring that it is secure and efficient using Apache or Node.js (this includes any necessary port forwarding and creation of any DDNS records in order to make the server externally accessible, and public facing). ► Develop simple mobile applications for the Android operating system using either Java or Dart (using the Flutter SDK). ► Develop simple desktop applications using C# (with WinForms or UWP). ► Develop complex desktop applications using Node.js and Electron. ► Utilize and develop RESTful APIs. ► Work in multicultural teams by knowing four natural languages including English, Italian, Farsi and Spanish. ► Adapt to new environments and working conditions as required. ► Learn new topics quickly and easily. ► Develop a system following the software development life cycle.
Experience ► Developed a website in a two-man team as part of our work experience that offered revision material for math students. ► Participated and almost got into the finals of the 2018 UK Cybercenturion competition, where we were tasked with identifying, and eliminating any security risks or possible exploits on several machines running both Windows and Linux. ► Worked on and published numerous personal projects that involved the usage of the skills listed above, these projects are viewable in the projects section. ► Developed a symbolic AI chat bot application for the Android operating system using Java and PHP. The projects section includes examples of all the skills I listed above and more. You can also view additional projects on my GitHub page. Thank you for your interest and I hope you contact me. I'm not currently actively looking for work as I'm studying Computing at university, although I am located in the UK and will still consider job opportunities.
Please note that there are additional projects on my GitHub that aren't listed here.
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A bot I developed to make my life easier. It can track cryptocurrency prices, control accessories in my house, backup my phone, define words, control my website, search for song names using lyrics, download files, check the weather and much more. It even has my sense of humor, for better or worse.
ai, chat, chatbot, api, json, data, manipulation, intelligent, artificial, intelligence, talk, ajax, post, php
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A Node.js (with Electron) based music player for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also has a remote control feature which allows any device on the network to control the host, or bypass the host and use it as a media server.
javascript, json, web app, web, app, api, mobile, js
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A cloud storage solution that simulates an operating system. It features multiple file uploads, directory nesting, drag and drop file interactions, and more. It also has a simulated file system [structure].
os, live, javascript, js, mobile, web, app, web app, jquery, php, api
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A password manager for Android written in Dart using the Flutter SDK. Available for purchase on the Google Play Store.
published, encryption, aes, aes-256, cryptography
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A cross-platform AirDrop-like application running on Node.js (with Electron). Two or more devices running X:/LANDrop can detect each other if they're on the same network, and can securely share files with one another.
network, node, javascript, js, encryption, aes, aes-256, cryptography
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A self-hosted Node.js and Socket.IO anonymous chatting web application that uses client-side RSA, and zero conversation content logs to deliver a secure means of communication.
nodejs, node, javascript, js, encryption, chat, web, app, web app, anonymous, client
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A Node.js and Socket.IO chatting web application that uses RSA-2048, AES-256-CTR, and BCrypt to deliver a secure means of communication.
nodejs, node, javascript, js, encryption, chat, web, app, web app
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A note taking web app that utilizes a private and custom PHP API to work. All operations on the site are done on the same page using AJAX. The design is extremely responsive and well optimized.
notes, live, javascript, js, mobile, web, app, web app
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Income Tracker

A simple income tracker made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the frontend, and Node.js on the backend. It also features a chart of your performance during the current month, along with a daily average.
web app, js, node, api, chart
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A web-app to keep track of everything related to life while attending a university. This includes your transactions, bank balance, files, revision notes, lecture notes etc.
student, api, php, javascript, jquery, education
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A cloud storage site that uses jQuery AJAX along with a PHP API on the back-end to work. It has an incredibly responsive design and a custom, efficient and fast API. The user can upload multiple files at the same time, move them, rename them, and download them.
drive, live, javascript, js, mobile, web, app, web app
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A-Level Computer Science Project

A system developed as my A-Level project with the goal of simplifying the process my customers have to go through in order to request icons for my themes. It features a working registration and login form along with a request page. It also displays statistics for the requests with a pie chart generated with PHP. It uses a MySQL database to save user information as well as any requests my clients might make.
sdlc, software, development, life, cycle, documentation
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SOFT152 University Assignment

An Airbnb property management tool written in C# for a university assignment. It reads data from a text file, displays it in multiple listviews where it can be modified. The modified data can then be written back to the file.
streamreader, streamwriter, listbox, search, substring, responsive, oop, object-oriented programming, object oriented
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A calendar web application that uses jQuery AJAX requests to function. It uses PHP scripts on the server-side. Users can navigate through the calendar and set reminders for events on specific dates.
json, array, object
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Frome Maths

A website developed by me and my friend for our year 12 work experience. It is a revision site for mathematics at Frome College. The security at the college is quite strict and as a result, no server-side programming languages were used in the development of the website. My friend wrote the HTML, I wrote the CSS.
team, teamwork, working
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A website that allows users to add or remove items to a specified collection of theirs, similar to a sort of checklist. They can name the item and add an image for it. The website uses AJAX requests to function, and the images are hosted on Imgur using their API.
php, json
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Art Website

A professional art website I developed for my father. The website is responsive and limited to one page through the use of AJAX requests.
php, api, custom, professional, style, client
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A website along with a custom API that I developed in order to remotely control the lightbulb in my room. It can turn it on or off as well as change its color and brightness. The website also features a guest mode that anyone can use as long as they're in my house.
live, application, json, light, lights, lightbulb, smart, bulb, iot
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CoinMarketCap API

A website created to track a number of cryptocurrencies and their respective prices. The website makes use of CoinMarketCap's API and updates the results at a regular interval.
live, web, application, json
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A simple revision website I made for A-Level English. I shared it with classmates as well. It includes a number of poems by Seamus Heaney. The poems have been analyzed and annotated. It also includes an analysis of "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Great Gatsby."
html, css, education, a-level, study
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A tool I developed that can create countdowns to a date specified by the user. A page is then created which the user can share or simply keep an eye on. The page includes a JavaScript timer that counts down to the date by showing the number of days, hours and seconds left until the event that the user specified.
web, application